Joss and Mabe met in 2011, and they’ve been together since, through highs and lows of all kinds. Neither of them knew they were queer (though there were signs) until they figured it out together. At some point, they made their relationship legal with a small, informal ceremony, but the piece of paper didn’t really change much (though the tax breaks and both having health insurance turned out to be pretty sweet).

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Joss Adler is the hermit: self-contained, thinky, analytical. They are essentially a big, knotty bundle of deeply buried feels. Creative specialities include prose, story arc, and character/relationship development. They are a fairly textbook INFJ, if you’re into that Myers-Briggs stuff.

Pronouns: They/Them (“Everyone gets it wrong sometimes. I promise not to eat you.”)

Twitter: @JossAdler

MabelMabel Harper is the pioneer: emotive, mischievous, enterprising. She is essentially a spitting Roman candle of uncontainable feels. Creative specialties include world-building, systems-building, and demonstrative brainstorming (which combines elements of modern dance and improv, and seems intended primarily to entertain/distract Joss). Mabe could be the poster child for ENFP.

Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them

Twitter: @MaybeItsMabel

Tumblr: successfulwillsave

Joss and Mabe are currently working together on Form and Void, a series of epic contemporary fantasy novels that blends influences ranging from A Song of Ice and Fire to Neon Genesis Evangelion and features a diverse, largely queer cast. Mabel is also the founder of Successful Will Save, an indie tabletop RPG publishing company, and is presently designing Strange Roads, an OSR-compatible horror roleplaying game intended for release this coming year.