Form and Void

Form and VoidIn the sprawling Chicago suburb of Delphi, a hidden world lurks beneath mundane notice, of occult rites and arcane sciences; of relics and divinations; of primeval spirits whose loyalties may be won with the lure of a wand and the threat of a knife.

When a hijacked war golem turns on the unsuspecting crowd at a convention of the Auctoritas Magicae, wallflower apprentice Jules Nimri rises to the occasion, deploying his self-developed “combat alchemy” to fell the brimstone-wielding automaton—but only after the construct has slaughtered fifty-two civilian magi and left scores more gravely injured. In the aftermath of the tragedy, accusations fly. Tensions flare between Jules’s faction, Ordo Arcanus, and its most powerful and tenuous ally, the Hermetic Order of Khmun, threatening to rekindle an ancient feud that could tear apart the alliance and plunge the arcane world into war.

While the fallout unfolds, in nearby Chicago, Ordo Arcanus defector and rebel-without-a-cause Rory Navarrete finds himself drawn back into the esoteric way of life he left behind when he happens on a coven of apostate magi performing a ritual human sacrifice. After striking down the apostates with forbidden magic of his own, Rory rushes the mundane victim, Max Frankel, to the Enclave at Delphi to seek treatment for a mysterious supernatural injury—only to be clapped in handcuffs the moment he sets foot on premises.

Jules, now a decorated hero and agent of the Tribunal, negotiates Rory’s release, tentatively reviving a childhood friendship blighted by a cruel betrayal. The star-crossed odd couple struggle to put aside their bitter past as they join forces to investigate the apostates who harmed Max—which leads them to clues of a conspiracy rooted in a malignant magic long thought extinct. It’s a revelation that, if backed up by evidence, could expose the true perpetrators of the golem attack before interfaction tensions boil over. But finding proof turns out to be no easy task, and the two allies soon realize that time is working against them, as Hunter Lockwood, scion of a potent magic dynasty—and Jules’s depraved ex-betrothed—stokes the fires of separatism to fuel his demagogic political rise, pushing the alliance to the brink much faster than anyone could have imagined.

Form and Void is a contemporary epic fantasy novel set in an expansive arcane underworld inspired by Hermetic occultism and Lovecraftian horror. It is the first in a planned series.