Content Statement

We encourage you to approach Form and Void with caution—or steer clear altogether—if you are sensitive to realistic depictions of situations involving sexual assault, domestic abuse, and suicide, and/or harassment aimed at characters based on their perceived or actual sexual, gender, and ethnic identities. Given the themes of Form and Void, we felt it was important that we not sugarcoat this type of material. Our intent in our portrayal of these difficult subjects is and always has been to empower victims and survivors, but we realize some of this material has the potential to cause undue distress to readers who are currently in a vulnerable place when it comes to these topics.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like a chapter-by-chapter rundown of specific content categories that concern you. We’ll also be more than happy to connect you with helplines and other resources related to topics and situations you may encounter in the story. We’re compiling a list of links to such resources that will eventually be made available on our website.

Wishing you good health and the strength to slay your dragons,

Joss & Mabe