Character classes in Strange Roads

In Strange Roads, players will take on the roles of drifters who wander America’s backroads and dark alleys in search of adventure and opportunity. These drifters aren’t ordinary folks; they’re troublemakers and vagabonds, misfits more content to gamble away their lives in search of fortune and power than to settle down and work a safe but soulless job. And, mortal though they may be, these player characters aren’t everyday people. They’re gifted, whether it be with divine might, control over dark forces, or even just the power to murder the fuck out of a motherfucker.

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Introducing Strange Roads

Strange Roads_s2bwfStrange Roads is your favorite classic role-playing game system meets the rural horror of Deliverance and the industrialized wildland aesthetic of True Detective: Season 1—if the latter’s supernatural undertone was cranked all the way up to an overtone.

This game is firmly entrenched in two worlds. The first is the horror-noirscape of the city, where death, sex, and vice reign supreme and in excess. The second and more focal is a weird-ified pastiche of Southern gothic, countryside Americana, and nightmarish decay, where rot has set in, and isolated small towns fade like demented memories. The country is not just wildlife and grungy farmhouses; it is wildlands and bone-chilling hodunk terror. You are far from home, you are out of gas, and you are most certainly not welcome here.

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